Purpose of this Site

Being homeschool “newbies” 3 years ago, my husband and I were overwhelmed with all of the educational opportunities Atlanta has to offer. We joined most of the awesome metro area homeschool groups in hopes of not missing anything gutepotenz.de.  We get 50-100 emails every couple of days filled with homeschooling info and events.  Being easily distracted adults, we wanted a place where all of those thoughts and opportunities were organized on a Calendar for all homeschooling parents to see.  Often times I will get an email that lets me know about an upcoming event.  I may want to do it, but then something “shiny” comes along and I miss it.  I search my email, but to no avail, it is gone.

We hope this will assist you and your family to be more organized with the various homeschool happenings and offerings across Metro Atlanta.  Along with the calendar organization we wanted to also allow this to be a place where we can all share our thoughts on the typical homeschool questions… Such as, what curriculums are we going to use?  Are we going to be able to provide our child with learning differences with what they need to succeed? What places offer educational opportunities for my children throughout “school hours”?  Should we create a schoolroom?  How will we get free time as parents of homeschooled children? How would we answer the million dollar question “How are you going to socialize your kids now that you are homeschooling”?  With your input this site will help answer all those questions and more.

The Question page will be  for you to query the “experts” of homeschooling and to share your homeschooling experiences so far.   We are all in this boat together, let’s help each other keep our heads above water!

If you would like to contribute to the site, please contact highwaytohomeschool@gmail.com  Thank you!