Washington D.C. – A Visit to Famous Homeschooler’s Home

In February 2013 my husband was taking a business trip to D.C.  Instead of flying, we decided to take our truck and ride together.  From our house, it is about a 9/10 hour drive.  We stayed 4 nights at a Marriott in Herndon, Virginia close to my husband’s D.C. office.  We had such a fun time exploring the city.

A good friend of mine lives in DC and joined us for some of our explorations.  Our hotel was not close to a metro stop so we had to take the bus, then metro into the city.  When we walked out of the Metro station, it was like we had the place to ourselves.  The beauty of homeschooling-being able to go when the crowds can’t.  We visited the Washington Monument and the American History Museum on day one.  Virtually empty, the Smithsonian never disappoints.  My kids loved all the memorabilia, inventions, and the history of transportation.  If you have the time, I would suggest sticking to one museum per day.  Anymore than that is a little overwhelming.

Day two we visited George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  Think about it, the founder of our country was homeschooled! His older brothers received their education in England.  His father died when he was 11.  His brother, Lawrence, taught him how to be an 18th century gentleman.  We drove there because there is really no other way to get there.  It was a 45 minute drive from the Herndon.  The first thing you do when visiting is go in a large theater to view the story of George Washington https://manl..generisk-cialis/.  We were the ONLY people in the theater.  Afterwards, we went into the home.  It is a lot smaller than you would imagine.  We went to his tomb and walked around the property.  The Potomac River was beautiful filled with large chunks of ice. We throughly enjoyed the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center.  There were all sorts of George’s and Martha’s personal possessions.  Our favorite was ole Georgie’s chompers!  Contrary to popular belief, they are not made of wood, but, boy did they look painful to wear!

Day three we went to the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia.  I would recommend this one over the one in the National Mall.  It is an airplane hanger with tons to see.  You could spend an entire day in this museum.  It is huge.  We throughly enjoyed watching the Smithsonian employees working to restore a vintage plane to it’s former glory.

We are currently planning our next trip there.  We are hoping to incorporate Williamsburg into our next adventure.

Author: Beth Williams

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