For the Love of Legos- Legoland Florida Resort and Park

I refer to Legos at my house as “the devil”.  It is really a love/hate relationship.  I love the creativity that it brings out in my boys, but I can’t stand the mess.  Have you ever stepped on a lego barefooted?  Can you say excruciating pain?  We tend to over do things a little in our household.  Our boys have way more legos than we would like to admit.  I spent weeks a couple summers ago organizing all of them into labeled boxes.  How long did that last?  Six months maximum and we were back to the crazy mess.  At least I tried.

Our boys are pushing 11 so I thought that I should take them to Legoland and stay at the resort before they are “too cool”to want to do so.  I am very close with all my cousins.  When someone in my family suggested we all go together, I was in.  In January the resort offers decent discounts.  At first, I was put-off at how much they charged per night.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised with everything the hotel has to offer.  At around $700 for 2 nights, we had a great room overlooking the water.  On our way up to the room we took the elevator.  When the elevator doors shut the lights went dim and the disco ball and music began to spin.  As soon as the doors opened, the party stopped like nothing ever happened.  The kids and I LOVED this!  There was a king size bed in our room, with a little cubby room with a small tv, bunk bed, and trundle.  It was decorated with the “Adventure” theme.  You can choose between several themes, we went with Adventure.  It was an “Indiana Jones” look and feel. There were all kinds of wonderful lego decorations in the room.  Spiders, beetles, and lizards made out of legos hanging on the walls.  The boys had to complete a mini scavenger hunt to open a safe with nice welcome prizes for them after arrival.  There was a nice sized play area off of the Lobby that the kids could play and the adults could chat (and drink, there is a bar connected to the play area.  Genius right?).  They have a wonderful heated outdoor pool with a spectacular view of the water.  We were truly feeling like “Mother” of the year when we let our kiddos swim in 45 degree weather.  The lifeguards were suited up in long sleeved shirts, jackets, and pants.Before you get judgmental on me, realize the water was heated to 80 degrees.

We spent the night and had a nice buffet style breakfast (included in the price).  I had bought buy one get one free passes to Legoland on Black Friday.  Apparently they do this sale every year. We spent the entire day at the park.  They have a pretty neat free robotics class for ages 8 and up in the park.  Just be sure to head over that way to reserve a spot for your child  The rides are perfect for the 5-12 range, assuming your kids like a little adventure.  After 15,000 steps on my fit bit, we were all worn out.  That night we all just chilled out in the hotel lobby.  All 12 of the cousins took a “Master Builder” lego class.  We signed them up for it as we checked in.  The kids from our family took up an entire class.  It was so cute to watch them all build the Shark designed by the Master Builders.  They all helped each other finish their masterpieces.  They were super excited to be able to keep them.  This too was included in the room price.  All of the kids had insisted on buying these foam swords and shields at the Park.  They were all chomping at the bits to test them out.  Hesitantly, we let them have a “battle” in the front lawn of the hotel on our last night there.  What could possibly go wrong with that?  Let’s just say that there was obviously some pent-up frustration among some of the siblings…  It got UGLY.  After a little taste of rage and tears, the fun was over.  We all packed up the following morning and drove back home our separate ways. While I still feel the price is steep, it was worth it!

Author: Beth Williams

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