About Us

This is our 3rd year of homeschooling our 10 year old fraternal twin boys.  All 3 years have been learning experiences for my husband and me  The first year we did the Georgia Cyber Academy, an online Charter School.  It is not technically homeschooling, but I beg to differ! After a year we dropped GCA** and went all in.  We started traditional homeschooling.  We tried several curriculums and stuck with whatever fit our boys learning styles.

We are lucky, Atlanta has so many wonderful homeschooling opportunities.  While this makes homeschooling easier, I found it incredibly overwhelming.   Our children did not fall far from the ADHD apple tree.  My husband and I call it the “shiny” things disorder.  We both are blessed/afflicted with it https://apotekerendk.com.  We needed a place that put all the learning possibilities into an organized Monthly Calendar.  We hope this will allow your family to fully utilize everything the Atlanta Homeschool community has to offer.  We also want homeschooling parents to join our forum and let everyone know their family’s experience with the various opportunities.  We will also blog all in state and out of state field trips and some of our at home successful and not so successful learning experiences.

Please note:  We are not trying to replace any of the amazing Atlanta homeschool support groups.  We simply would like to enhance the already set in place Atlanta homeschooling communities experiences.

**While GCA did not work for us, it was a wonderful platform for homeschooling.  We were not ready to jump in head first.  The program is basically what your children would do in public school, i.e. Common Core.**