Captain’s Log- Just Need to Vent

Captain’s Log, February 27, 2016 :

Ever have one of those weeks that you felt that you are a complete failure at homeschooling?  So bad that you are sure your children are quite possibly going to be the cleverest inmates in the county jail instead of the astute scholars that you envisioned?   What a doozie of a week!  Every time school work was mentioned it was like a demented game of tag team to make mom crazy and distracted.  Homeschooling gives me a lot of respect for teachers  I can’t imagine a whole classroom full of these clowns.  Not only did they do some rogue learning and exploring with daddy’s tools, they managed to bamboozle their way through some school subjects.  Thankfully, I have slowly regained my inner peace and managed to come up with new rules to avoid these setbacks in the future.  Anyone ever tell you homeschooling is easy peasy, you might want another opinion…  While some days are terrific, there is no doubt homeschooling is not for WIMPS!

Author: Beth Williams

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