35 Great Reasons to Homeschool

When people find out that I homeschool my boys, usually the first thing I typically hear is “Oh good for you, but I could never do that…  I can’t even get my kids to do their homework.”  There is a preconcieved notion that Homeschooling is utterly dreadful.

I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of all the good things that homeschooling brings.  Also, I often look at this list to remind myself to “just keep swimming”.

The Joys of Homeschooling

1.  You don’t have to join the morning rat race to get your kids to school on time.

2.  Goes along with #1, you and your kids can sleep a little later.

3.  No reason for your kids to have a cold, carb filled breakfast.  You have plenty of time to make a more wholesome meal viagra online.

4.  You can go out of town without a school breathing down your neck about what your child is going to miss.  Some of our best learning experiences yet have been while traveling.

5.  No issues with “what they are going to wear today”

6.  Unlimited Field Trips!

7.  You will not have to wait an hour in carpool to pick up your kids.

8.  You get to see the “light bulbs” go off in your child’s head when they learn a new concept.

9.  You will see your kids grow up right in front of you.

10.  You won’t do this forever; eventually your child will move out and hopefully become a well rounded adult.

11.  If your child was at a Brick and Mortar school with 25+ kids in their class they would maybe get an hour a week of the extra attention they need.  With you at their disposal, they consistently get the help they need.

12.  The bad habits, language, and manners exuded by your child’s former classmates are less influential.

13.  There are many homeschool classes out there that your children can take, this will give you a little time to yourself.

14.  If you child is interested in athletics or any other extracurricular activities, it is so much easier for all of you to enjoy.  You haven’t spent the better part of your day taxiing your child to and from school and they are not as exhausted by the long day at school.

15.  If your child needs a break or time to burn energy they can do it anytime.

16.  Summer is no longer the only time for Family vacations.  You will no longer have to share your vacation with the millions of families that “break” at the same time.  Imagine Disney with no lines, the beach with plenty of space to spread out and National Historic Sites all to yourself.  Not to mention cheaper air fares and hotel/housing rates.

17.  With our state ranking 31st in the Nation for Education, the homeschool population is growing.  There are so many more homeschooling opportunities now than there were 15 years ago.

18.  The only Teacher appreciation gift /holiday gift you have to buy is for yourself!

19.  No more volunteer and monetary pleas to further enrich your child’s brick and mortar school.

20.  You have more time to teach your child kindness and the importance of being a good citizen through volunteer opportunities.

21.  You thought you were smart before homeschooling…  You now “get it” why homeschooling parents are not allowed on the “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” tv show.  You are learning too!

22.  There are no children in class misbehaving and taking away all of your child’s much needed focus and teacher attention.

23.  The freedom to choose what curriculum and or approach to education works best for your children.  You can go at your child’s pace.

24.  Religious Freedoms.  You want to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanza, go ahead… No one will tell you that it is not allowed 🙂

25.  It is a great deal cheaper than sending your kids to private school.

26.  Your pets are much happier to have everyone at home.

27.  You no longer have to worry that your kids are going to get the “awful” teacher this year.  Usually there is one!

28.  No more packing lunches and snacks.  Your child/ren will have the opportunity to try different foods they may not have eaten at school with their picky peers.

29.  Your child with learning differences will no longer have to engage in therapies and tutors after school.  You will be able to incorporate it into your day.

31.  Your child will get as many physical educations opportunities as they need.

32.  If your kids are visual learners you can take them to places you are learning about.  Being able to see something in person makes all the difference in the world.

33.  More time outdoors for everyone!

34. You can do school in the car!  We listen to books and history stories all the time while running errands 🙂


Author: Beth Williams

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